Interesting Compare and Contrast Essay Examples for College

Compare and contrast essay examples for college are devoted to the topic which compares two things. You should know a lot about the theme so you could express your ideas clearly and in order. If at first the topic seems to you voluminous and incomprehensible, act step by step. Working in stages, you can not only write a good composition, but even enjoy the process.

Choosing and Studying the Topic

If you’re writing for the college, find out how long your composition should be along with the other crucial details. This will help you find the right amount of information. First of all, follow the directions of the curriculum, if you do not understand something – ask the professor.

  • Learn what resources your teacher prefers to know where to get the most of information. Some colleges have reference software that can collect and track all information sources.
  • Find out about the formatting requirements. These requirements include such basic points as the type of writing (handwritten or printed), as well as font and font size. If you do not know, or it does not matter, it’s better to type in a standard Times New Roman or Arial font size 12. Do not use other funny fonts in the essay or any other academic work.
  • Find out about the deadline. Start the work as early as possible so that you have time to make corrections.

Picking the Theme

If the theme is not determined for you, you’ll have to choose it yourself. It’s pretty simple to do, especially when you’re working on compare and contrast essay examples for college, but it’s worth sticking to some significant rules:

  • The topic should not be very broad or very narrow. Pick a topic, which is easy enough to find information about. These details should be enough so that you can competently reduce it and bring the most important info to the reader. For example, the theme “The history of shelters for animals” is too extensive, and the theme “The history of the shelter for cats in Pittsburg” is too narrow. The golden mean will be the theme “The history of shelters for animals of such and such breed in such and such a country.”
  • The them should be interesting to the audience. Consider those who will read your composition. If this essay is for a school or a college, it’s likely that only your teacher will be reading your essay. You should think about what new you can tell in your composition.
  • The theme should be interesting to you. The writing process then will be easier, and the result will pleasantly surprise you.

Getting Information You Need

This stage is especially significant when composing compare and contrast essay examples for college, where you need to precisely compare information about two things. Be careful with unverified sources. It is better to ask for help in the library. The librarian will assist you to find the necessary books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, journals, and also proven websites. Be careful, using material from the internet, including sites such as Wikipedia, because such websites can have inaccurate information.

  • For best results, try to find well-known websites on the internet, as well as specialized organizations, government agencies, and universities. Google Scholar will help you with this.

Take notes. Write down interesting facts in a notebook that you can insert in your composition. You can keep notes electronically. Whatever you choose, you need to collect all the information in one place.

  • The essay usually has the preamble, the main body, and the conclusion. You can make a plan of what you will write in each of these parts.

Finding the Sources

You must know before where to find information. Typically, the sources have the indication of the author of the book, the title, copyright information, the publisher, and the web address of the website (if the material is taken from the internet).

Think Over Your Ideas

When you have collected enough sources for the essay, carefully analyze everything you’ve collected, and find a link between all the concepts.

  • You can represent your ideas in circles on the sheet of paper, which will make it easier to compile all the information together. Divide the page in two columns. One is similarities of two objects and the other one is the differences of two objects. Write down all the differences and similarities you can think of.
  • If you prefer a list, write down your theme at the top, and under it place the differences and similarities of two things you’re writing about. You can dispose them not in the order in which they’ll be in your composition.
  • Write all the ideas that come to mind. This will help come up with new opinions that can be used in the final version of the essay. Set the time limit, for example, 15 minutes, during this time try to write everything you can think of. Do not stop, do not follow the correctness of writing, just keep writing.

Creating an Outline

Plan how you will design the preamble. To introduce the necessary theses into the composition, you need to know what you want to write about. The preamble usually has 2–3 sentences, in which the general argument is given.

  • Don’t worry about the fact that the theses are set in the wrong order: you can correct this later. If you still think that there is no enough information for creating a composition, rethink the preamble part again. In it, you must convey to the reader an idea of the topic you are writing.
  • Before you start, once again look at the scheme and consider the sequence of theses.

Use one important auxiliary part: the main body must be necessarily between the introduction and the ending. In the end, you need to choose and list the main theses from the main body.

  • The number of theses is influenced by the size of your composition. If you’re going to write for five paragraphs, three of them need to hold the body of the text. Accordingly, it will have 3 basic ideas.
  • Emphasize significant ideas.
  • Apply to positions to prove your thesis.

Supplement details. After you have found the necessary theses and opinions, write down several details for each of them that will help you better describe your position. As details, you can use examples, facts, quotes, and descriptions.

  • Each paragraph and thesis should be described by several proposals. If you cannot supplement any details to the thesis, attempt to say it differently. You can expand the size of the composition with the help of an additional description of each thesis.

In the final section, once again, list the main ideas of the composition. Sum up what has already been said. Your reader must comprehend what you meant.

Getting to the Writing Process

First write a draft version using the plan and scheme.

  • Do not worry about spelling mistakes, because you write in a draft, this is not the final version.
  • Draft version can be written by hand or types on a computer (depending on how you prefer).

Each paragraph should have its own micro theme. Usually it is represented in the first sentence of the paragraph. Here, one can also make a soft transition from one micro theme to another.

  • For example, a theme (or a transition to a new topic) might look like this: “While some plants prefer to create labor unions, others, like plant of the cars, argue that this only slows down the work.” In this sentence, there is a transition from one point to another, so it can be used as a bundle.
  • Remember, each paragraph of compare and contrast essay examples for college should have a central idea, a logical link between one point and another, as well as a clear explanation and confirmation of theses.
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Write compositions in parts. First you need to make a preamble, then the body, and then the final part. Make sure that each paragraph has a certain structure: thesis, proof, and explanation. As arguments, you can apply to facts and details, as well as your own reasoning. With the help of arguments and examples you can expand the essay.

  • You should know well the topic you’re going to write about. There should be enough points so you could compare and contrast two things or objects reaching the required size of the composition.

Check the essay and fix the errors and inaccuracies. Read the draft essay several times and answer the these questions:

  • Did you tell everything you could about the topic?
  • Is your theses clear, described and proven in 2–3 sentences?
  • Are all the paragraphs connected logically?
  • Is there a main idea in every paragraph supported by positions?
  • Does the final section summarize all the information previously described?
  • Are there smooth logical transitions between points?
  • Did you use clear expressions, are they correct as for the grammar?
  • Does your reader learn anything new from this essay? Is this information interesting?
  • Did you follow the professor’s directions?

Once you have made notes and corrections in the draft, rewrite the final version.

When you write the final version, check it again. Sometimes in drafts, ideas are mixed without a clear sequence. In the final version, the information should be stated smoothly, logically, and interestingly. Make sure you do not break the structure of the essay.

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