Essay About My Country Sri Lanka

You can expect a small warranty, including free changes, as well as the privileges to ask a return. The learners who wish to indulge in this dissertation opposition beneath the topic the newest period of Article-Independence Sri Lanka” are wanted to distribute their particular essays using the certification of the Principal of the college when the they examine to attain Director-General of Info, Department of Government Information, No 163 Kirullapone Path Colombo 05 on or before January 10, 2011 by registered post.

The Division of Government Info has organized an Essay Opposition underneath the concept the brand new age of article-Liberty Sri Lanka” to indicate the 63rd Independence Day celebrated defending the nation rebuilt with the end of three- decade old conflict for GCE /M and A/M pupils.

This essay integrating the important points of the Socio -fiscal changes which can be taking place after the end-of three decade-old war in the country could be posted in Sinhala, Tamil or English languages within 1000 words and pupils over 15 years of age can be a part of this competition.

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