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AP ALL OF US History

10 October 2014


Throughout the years among 1825 through 1850 significant reform actions took precedent many different events. Problems were at the foundation of these reformations and people do their best for making improvements within the problems that they had with their The ideals of abolition, can certainly rights, temperance and faith were radically altered through the entire nineteenth century and searched for to become a more democratic America.

In (document 1) Elizabeth Cady Stanton shares her ideas and beliefs showing how women should be treated less property and be remedied as humans and people. During her convention for Seneca Falls in 1848 suitable for women's legal rights enthusiast as well as the those who go against sb/sth ? disobey alike, Stanton states, " We now require our right to vote in line with the declaration of the government underneath which we live”, which was very far-reaching for time, dawned the concept women well deserved greater representation in federal government issues. In accompany to women when it comes to mistreatment had been those possessed by slaves in the the southern part of parts of the country. William Lloyd Garrison believed that slaves are not the animals of complete servitude and were to be treated with the liberties that our founding fathers established in the forging of the nation. In (document 6) 1829 Garrison chatted to those whom believed in the abolition activity and searched for to excite people to work at quoted our Declaration of Independence exactly where it states, " Almost all men had been created equal, and endowed by their creator with certain personal rights. ” Patrick Explanation Ties the two movements of civil liberties for women and slaves in 1835 in (document 7) which shows an image of any chained dark woman with all the caption over " Am I not a woman and a sister”. The Grimke sisters, Sarah and Angelina, were great instances of those who struggled for what causes liberty to get slaves and females. The Amistad affair in 1839 triggered a great deal of...

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