Economic Potentails Of FATA

ECONOMIC POTENTIALS OF FEDERALLY GIVEN TRIBAL AREAS (FATA) 1 . General. Located midway along Pakistan's edge with Afghanistan is a sand wedge of durable terrain, speckled with sparsely populated valleys, home into a dozen Pakhtun tribes and hundreds of race and sub-tribes. This tremendous mountain land, known as the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), comprises of seven ‘political agencies' and six smaller zones, referred to as ‘Frontier Regions' (Annex L refers), which separate the tribal firms from the remaining country. Beginning with the 1979 Soviet breach of Afghanistan, the uncertainty and lack of stability across the boundary spilled more than into FATA. FATA has remained one of the most insular and isolated corners from the country cut-off from the mainstream of Pakistani society. Increasingly impoverished and marginalized, they have become a simple pray to terrorist factors. The overall economic situation of the region has remained beneath normal level due to government policies along with overall economic decline in the country due to the new world of Global Battle with Terror (GWOT). In the making it paragraph an attempt has been made to analyze economical potentials of FATA with a view to trigger an economic advancement drive in the area. 2 . Aim. The aim of this kind of paper should be to give an insight of economic potentials of FATA, delivering into sharp focus untapped vast mineral / all-natural resources with a view to recommend measures to overcome impediments for its financial prosperity. a few. Scope. The scope from the paper is as follows: -

a. Short Economic History of FATA.

n. Economic Potentials of FATA.

c. Primary Issues / Impediments

d. Suggestions.

Brief Great Economy of FATA

four. FATA is among the most destitute regions of Pakistan where many the population hails from rural areas. The economy with the FATA can be chiefly pastoral, with agriculture practiced in the region's couple of fertile miles. Historically it used to be a major center for opium production. Though that has been considerably suppressed by Pakistani authorities, opium smuggling from Afghanistan continues to be problems. The population expansion rate is 3. on the lookout for per cent as compared with nationally reported figures of 1. 9 percent. The literacy rate is 17 percent against the nationwide average of 40 per cent while girl literacy is no more than one percent. Nearly sixty six per cent of households live below the lower income line. Landholdings are tiny; cultivation of cereal vegetation is there with poor water sources and system. Besides, the limited assets are degraded by past and content 9/11 inflow of asylum seekers from Afghanistan. 5. FATA is blessed with forested mountains, which were one of the major economical resources in the area. Besides the forested mountains FATA is definitely rich in vitamin resources. Hardly any has been exploited and much is usually to be explored and exploited. Control, labour and also other professions have also been supporting our economy in some way and also the other. The mineral create of the region has been Sodium, marble, gemstones etc . Opium and hemp drug have also remained a significant aspect in the financial history of KPK and FATA. Monetary Potentials of FATA

6. A variety of financial potential is out there in the tribe areas depending upon the population, property, geography, and vicinity of the Afghan line which are since under: -- a. Agriculture1. Agriculture is definitely the lifeline with the people of FATA and a expoliar of the tribal economy. From the total reported area of 2 . 7 million hectares, scarcely 200, 500 hectares (a little over 7 every cent) is cultivated. Merely half of most potentially cultivable land is utilized for cultivation, since the possibility of reclaiming wasteland has been generally unexplored. Just a little over forty five per cent of the cultivated region in FATA is irrigated, while the remaining farmland relies exclusively about rainfall. The majority of farmland produces a single plants each year and barely of sixteen per cent of cultivated area is used during two seasons. Household income can be supplemented by the...

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