KINE1000 Course Summarize 2014 15 1

п»їFaculty of Health

College of Kinesiology and Well being Science

Socio-cultural Perspectives in Kinesiology

Study course: HH/KINE a thousand 6. 0 (Sections A and B)

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Term: Fall and Winter Conditions 2014-15

Time/Location: LecturesSection AM/W8: 30 – 9: 20am CLH M

Section BM/W9: 30 – 10: 20amCLH L

Tutorials Weekly one-hour tutorial about Mon-Thurs coming from 8: 40 – 2: 30pm

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Prof. HernГЎn E. HumaГ±aDr. Yuka NakamuraDr. Parissa Safai (416) 736-2100 ext. 66910(416) 736-2100 ext. 22372(416) 736-2100 ext. 23040 358 Stong College349 Bethune College335 Bethune College or university Email: [email protected] caEmail: [email protected] caEmail: [email protected] ca Office Hours: Simply by appointment onlyOffice Hours: Simply by appointment onlyOffice Hours: By appointment only

Tutorial Manager:

Dr . Chip Ashby

306 Stong College

Email: [email protected] los angeles

Administration Teaching Assistant:

Lauren [email protected] ca

Training Leaders:

Nick [email protected] ca

Abid Azamabid. [email protected] com

Theresa [email protected] florida

Nima [email protected] ca

Lauren [email protected] ca

Rebecca Gerechter [email protected] california

Sara [email protected] ca

Dishay [email protected] ca

Raquel [email protected] ca

Emily [email protected] florida

Daina [email protected] ca

Meysam [email protected] florida

Cheryl [email protected] ca

Ashley [email protected] los angeles

Lauren [email protected] ca

Waheed [email protected] los angeles

Tessa [email protected] yorku. ca

Tutorial Leaders' office several hours and office locations will be posted on the door of 306 Stong University. Expanded Program Description

Students are brought to the socio-cultural study of physical activity, the entire body, and wellness. That the person is a sociable construction and a biological patient means that no human being lives outside of contemporary society. В Most of us experience lifelong socialization while embodied persons interacting within just specific cultural environments. В An individual's interpersonal body is categorized and skilled into socially approved tasks and methods that are informed by cultural, political and historical conditions and that effect and are influenced by their perceived sexuality, appearance, age, sexual alignment, race, В ethnicity, ability, and class or caste. В As the core socio-cultural course in our Kinesiology and Health Technology undergraduate degree, KINE 1000 focuses on comprehending the social physique as key to a critical method to physical lifestyle, health and human rights.

Program Objectives

Next course, college students will be able to:

1 ) Understand the idea of social development as it pertains to physical exercise, the body and health. 2 . Develop a essential understanding of how power associations, privilege and stereotyping make and perpetuate inequalities and prejudices about human physiques with respect to hegemonic societal requirements of health and performance. 3. Critically reflect on the nature of medical knowledge as it pertains to the study of physical exercise, body and health. 5. Analyze physical activity and overall health as interpersonal and traditional institutions affected by material conditions of life. a few. Analyze physical exercise and sport in modern North American society sociologically. В 6. Develop and have the possibility to demonstrate university-level reading comprehension, critical analysis, and publishing skills.

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Email is great technology when employed in moderation. Although you may use email to share remarks and worries not brought up in class, email will be arranged primarily pertaining to arranging appointments and/or attending to issues that need to be resolved prior to the next guide.

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