Psychology - Anxiety Measure


To assess the stress in your personal life, take a look at each your life event about this list. Find out if this has used on you sooner or later in the last a year. If it would, write the related number in the Tally Steering column. If the celebration occurred over and over again, multiply the score by the number of incidents, i. elizabeth., if you relocated twice before year, then score 2 X twenty points = 40. Be as genuine as possible, in that case total your points.

Life Events|Score|Tally

Death of any spouse|100|


Marital separation|65|

Imprisonment; grande violation in the law|63|

Death of close relative or perhaps friend|63|

Personal injury or severe illness|53|


Dismissal from work|47|

Marriage reconciliation|45|


Change in wellness of relatives member|44|


Sexual difficulties|39|

Gain of new familv member|39|

Business re-adiustments/change iobs|39|

Change in fmancial state|38|

Change in volume of arguments with spouse|35|

Obtaining a new home loan or major loan|32|

Foreclosures of mortgage loan or loan/buying a house|30|

Change in responsibilities at work|29|

Son or daughter giving home|28|

Trouble with in-laws|29|

Outstanding personal achievement/taking exams|28|

Spouse commences or prevents work|26|

Enhancements made on personal habits|24|

Trouble with boss/neighbors|23|

Enhancements made on working several hours or conditions|20|

Moving in one house to another|20|

Changing schools|20|

Change in leisure pursuits|19|

Change in house of worship activities|19|

Change in social activities|18|

Minor mortgage loan or loan|17|

Change in sleeping habits|16|

Difference in number offamilv get-togethers|15|

Change in eating habits|15|

Going on a vacation|13|

Approaching Christmas season|12|

Slight violation of law; targeted traffic offence|11|


2 Holmes & Rahe Scale because accessed: 8/14/2003; www.angelfire.comlne/metsemakers/stress2.htm

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