the sweetness and the beast

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Name: Reil DuhaylungsodYr/Section: III-St. Claire of Assisi

The Haunted School

R. D. Stine

We. Setting

a. Time

Enough time settings had been two. One is late 1940s and the one is at the present which is in the late 2000s.

b. Place

It absolutely was mainly in school, the " Bell Valley Middle School” there was two sides of the school the old one or the abandoned plus the one is the newly built one. The one is relatively like strange because there was obviously a classroom in which the children for the reason that particular class were disappeared without knowing exactly where they go.

II. Character types

Tommy Frazer- A twelve year old kid who ways to a new city and would go to a new school, he determines to help enhance for the upcoming institution dance. He was silent relatively because he didn't know what to complete or to speak with other people as they was new. He was consistent to face all the obstacles and help other people. Thalia Halpert-Rodis- A lovely, kind blonde hair young lady who usually wear make-up (red lipstick) who is likewise working on the dance. She was being bullied by Greta because the girl always use makeup and she's kind of weird. Bill Jackson- He also works for the decorations in the school boogie. He makes jokes or pranks to Tommy Frazer. He is frightened and always freaked out when they went to the gray world.

3. Theme or Message

It had been a strangely kind of story. Despite the subject, there are not any ghosts with this book. The Haunted SchoolВ has an motivated plot and some genuinely disturbing sequences (the passage in which the girls throw black the liquid into every other's confronts would have messed me up for life if perhaps I'd read it as a child). Possibly the best or perhaps at the very least one of the better books I've read through this series, this kind of novel deepens further reliability to the theory that RL Stine finally drummed up some Are Mary creativity for the ultimate few ebooks of the series.

IV. Plan

1 . Beginning Celebration

When a twelve-year-old named Tommy Frazer moves to a...

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