The Dependence on Technology vs . Human Resourcefulness

 The Dependence on Technology or Human Resourcefulness Essay

From the time I had joined the open up and

competitive market, I've seen it highly

inspired by " modern” lifestyle, dependent

upon " substantial tech” technical advancement.

I could clearly stage the big alterations that took

over each of our biggest asset – A persons

resource, which will as a progressive society we

are going towards losing its biggest value.

From a small country like His home country of israel,

where I had been taught the human

resource is the most important as well as the most used asset when it comes to training, expertise and know-how, I was impressed to find out that almost everything in our " modern” societies is available in forms of " packages” guaranteeing the " short way” to success, or that people are looking to buy knowledge within a form of a secret tablet, or some kind of a " kit” that may do the improve them. This of course is actually a total conundrum of what they should truly look for in any kind of acquired knowledge offered. It seems that we had approved a level form the old school of believed. As contemporary society today can be striving for the fast, many accessible and easiest way to get their effects instead of the plain old school strategies of resourcefulness and ingenuity based on real requirement for solutions that true players and market leaders had applied successfully throughout history. ~ Knowledge and skills based on experience will be powerful. Avoid try according to technology only! ~


" Dedication and Fearlessness”

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This is the background in a brief: The story in the African level of resistance in 1879 as the British soldiers said " They battle like lions and not scared of death”… All of us go back to January 22nd, 1879 to the Zulu victory over the British...

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