Topic Phrase Example

Before publishing any composition or even a paragraph, it is important to believe, first about the topic then what you want to say about the topic.  Most often, the subject is easy, nevertheless the question after that turns to what you want to claim about the topic which is the controlling idea.  Theme sentences should always contain both equally (1) a subject and (2) a controlling idea. Browse the following theme sentences.  They all contain a topic (in red) and a controlling idea (in green).  When your intro contains a clearly stated topic word such as among the following, you will know what to anticipate and, therefore , understand your opinions better. 1 . People can easily avoid burglaries by taking selected precautions.  (The safeguards for…)

2 . There are several advantages to growing in a small city.  (The advantages of…)

a few. Most US universities need a 550 point TOEFL report for a number of factors.  (The reasons for…)

5. Air pollution in Mexico Town is the most detrimental in the world for several reasons.  (The causes of…) or (The results of…)

5. Repairing a flat car tire on a bi-cycle is easy in the event you follow actions.  (The steps for…)

6. There are several exciting ways to travelling between the ALL OF US and Queretaro.  (The ways to…) or (The methods of…)

7. Animals in danger of becoming extinct come from an array of countries.  (The distinct countries… [parts, varieties, types])

almost 8. Effective management requires specific qualities that anyone can produce.  (The qualities (or characteristics or perhaps traits) of…)

on the lookout for. Industrial spend poured into Lake Michigan has led to remarkable changes in its ability to support marine life.  (The effects of…)

10. In order to fully explore the destroy of the Titanic, scientists need to address many problems.  (The problems of…) or perhaps (The hurdles to…)


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