Veneration Without Understanding

 Veneration With out Understanding Article




Training course Description:

The subject deals with the fundamentals of Ecclesiology, the systematic subset of theology focusing on the community of believers of Christ as mystery and a sacrament. As the fundamental sacramental manifestation of Goodness, the Church's purpose shall be an agent of salvation to humanity. This motif includes the importance in the faithful in responding to Christ's invitation towards the Kingdom of God not merely as an individual Christian nevertheless also as being a community. This course also should tackle the value of the sacraments in a alternative sense because symbolic expression of the Church's salvific mission in the world. Thus, the course explores the Church as being a community of disciples the place that the Spirit of Christ is present and His conserving actions are encountered through the Seven Sacraments in which The lord's love and compassion are created visible.

No . of hours: 54 hours

Course Credit rating Units: three or more units

General Objectives:

At the end with the course, the students should be able to go over and experience God's presence in Prayer, in the Sacraments and in living of the House of worship; know the beginning, nature, quest and structure of the Chapel; and understand the seven habit sacraments while signs of Jesus' presence in the community of disciples. They are also anticipated to value and appreciate the liturgical and para-Liturgical celebrations since nourishing incurs with Christ, express love and fidelity to the Catholic Church and proclaim existence by partying the seven ritual sacraments, and give appreciation to God in prayer as a signal of one's trust and faithfulness to God's will.

Learning Competencies:

A. Cognitive

1 . Understand the different ecclesiological and sacramental terminologies and also explain them 2 . Be familiar with mission and ministries of the Church several. Identify and discuss the fundamental characteristics with the church a great its guidelines, as well as, the elements of liturgy 4. Format the significance of the seven habit sacraments and be able to explain each of them

B. Affective

1 ) Appreciate the Chapel as concrete sign of Jesus' existence 2 . Value the basic principles of the Church as the people of Our god and the obvious extension of Christ in the world 3. Demonstrate ways in which sacraments will be more treasured when celebrated as celebration of lifestyle with Jesus

C. Psychomotor

1 ) Express interest on and love to the mission and ministries of the House of worship 2 . Execute Para-liturgical special event that targets the essential reality with the Church since Mystery three or more. Give gratitude to Our god for supplying us the Church being a visible indication of His presence 4. Participate in the pastoral ministries from the local house of worship

Course Requirements:

1 . Presence

2 . Present student's profile

3. Group Characteristics

4. Quizzes

5. Interactive Discussion/recitation

six. Major examinations

7. Response and Representation Papers

almost eight. Community Immersion Exposure/ promenade

Evaluative Steps:

Grading Program

Class Standing (attendance, recitation, quizzes, group dynamics, 60 per cent

Reaction and/ or Expression paper,

Community immersion/ exposure)

Major Tests (Prelim, Midterm, Finals)40%


|Week |Learning Objectives |Learning task |Teaching Sequence |Grading Task | | | |1st to 6th Week: Preliminary Period | |1st |Introduce their self and give us a call at each other |General Orientation...

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